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Macau: Gosto at the Galaxy Hotel

All the major hotels in Macau shamelessly exhibit quite a lot of grandiose and bombast, and the one that we stayed at, the Galaxy hotel, fits that description snugly. I can’t say that I really liked the over-the-top showyness…it made everything seem soul-less and man-made. That’s my opinion anyways.

For our evening meal in Macau we decided on Portuguese/Macanese food at Gosto. We arrived at around 7:30pm but the place was still pretty empty. The setting was cozy but a bit dim.

Appetizer sampler plate w/ fried nuggets of stuff!

For our appetizer we ordered the combo plate, which basically consisted of three types of fried foodstuffs. Even though I tend to avoid fried foods, I must say that the fillings in these were pretty decent. The plate included mashed potato-fish cake, some fried sausage, and…argh, something else that I can’t quite remember! Oh wells, that’s what I get for procrastinating on blog entries…

Stewed pork feet with kidney beans and cabbage

Ok, hopefully my memory serves me better with the entrees. We shared two entrees, my dad and I: the stewed pork feet with beans and chicken with puri-puri sauce. I didn’t really like the stewed pork feet much cause the meat didn’t quite attain that fall-off-the-bone and melt-in-your-mouth consistency. Maybe another 15 minutes in the heat would have been nice. The tomato-ey broth was decent: slightly spicy without overwhelming the pork flavour.

Whole (caged-in factory-tortured) chicken with puri-puri sauce

The chicken with puri-puri sauce, like the previous entree, could have been improved upon. I have to say, though, that even though I still have no idea what “puri-puri” is, the thin sauce was pretty amazing. Tangy and salty and spicy, it accompanied everything on the plate really well! Sadly, the chicken hailed from the factory-raised variety, with the signature floury texture and tasteless white meat. That really dragged down what otherwise would have been a great dish. Disappointing!

Yeah, actually, I’m curious, do most people out there mind eating factory-raised chicken as I do?

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Macau: Noodle and Congee Corner at the Grand Lisboa

While on a few-day trip to Zhu Hai, we took a day trip to Macau, and that was when I encountered the BEST NOODLES THAT I’VE EVER TASTED.

Now, true, I’m not a noodle aficionado by any means; in fact, I tend to steer away from all things pasta. I guess my aversion resulted from too many tasteless, under/over-cooked noodle specimens in the past. But at the Noodle and Congee Corner restaurant overlooking the gambling floor of the Grand Lisboa hotel in Macau, the crowning versions of the stuff may just have changed my mind.

The restaurant, like just about everything touristy in Macau, was extremely spacious. My dad and I were seated at a 6-person table! Facing the dining room stood the glassed kitchen through which diners could scrutinize the chefs at work, shaving and kneading and stretching noodles into huge vaults of boiling broth. Very entertaining to watch!

Knife-shaved noodles with grounded meat sauce, pre-mixing

And post-mixing; the grounded pork sort of congregated all on one side

Here’s our first order, knife-shaved noodles with grounded meat sauce. This type of noodles’ name comes from the way that they’re made: chefs hold a huge rectangular wad of dough  and use a knife to shave individual strings of dough into boiling water in quick succession. Because the noodles go in one string at a time, each bowl contains all spectra of cookedness, making it a rather texturally inconsistent dish. I didn’t find this to be a bad thing, cause it made the experience all the more interesting. The noodles were mostly thicker than average and quite chewy with a few overcooked strands. The sauce wasn’t thick enough to thoroughly enrobe the noodles, but that also meant that it carried a nice balance of savoury porkiness and wasn’t too strong.

Dan dan noodles

Our next noodle order: dan dan noodles with peanut sauce. The noodles here were hand-pulled, resulting in basically a never-ending strand!

Dad trying to find an end to the endless mass of noodles

Haha. We had a fun time trying to split this between the two of us. The very impressive feat was that all the noodles had practically the same diameter; it’s amazing seeing that such uniformity can be achieved in something handcrafted. Unlike the previous dish, because the chef flung the hand-pulled noodles into the boiling broth all at once, they all have the same consistency: slightly chewy and spring. The broth wasn’t too spicy and I think it could have been thicker and more peanuty, but those are just my preferences. Overall, a very impressive bowl of noodles!

Marinated cucumbers

Fried egg wrapped pork pancake thing

In addition to the noodles we also ordered sides of marinated cucumbers (which were nice a refreshing, and sweet!) and a deep-fried egg wrap with pork filling (not very interesting). We didn’t try the other half of this restaurant’s namesake, their congee, but the noodles definitely stole the show!



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