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Singapore: Toast Box at Tiong Bahru Plaza

On the morning of our third day in Singapore, I left my parents to enjoy their Holiday Inn buffet and walked over to the nearby Tiong Bahru Plaza to get brekafast. The restaurants there seem to open pretty early so I had a lot of choice. That morning I settled on Toast Box, a fast-paced style cafe not unsimilar to HK-style cafes.

Kaya jam, a sweet coconut-egg spread, is very popular in Singapore. They sell huge jars of it in supermarkets and one can always find them in breakfast joints. I decided to try some of it that morning and ordered kaya toast with milk tea (which they call “teh.” And coffee is “kopi.” Cool eh)

The milk tea came first, served steaming hot. Sort of strange to be drinking steaming hot beverages in the steaming hot Singapore climate but I guess people get used to it. The milk tea was fine.

Then came the kaya toast! More like a kaya sandwich, with kaya jam and butter nestled between two slices of snowy white bread. I didn’t like the butter. It would have had a purpose had it been salted but it wasn’t, adding just a rich gooey feel to the sandwich. I don’t really like the thought of eating plain butter like that, I guess…makes me feel guilty =P

The kaya was darker than the varieties that I’ve seen in supermarkets. The ones elsewhere are usually smooth and green but the one here was grainy and brown. I guess they have different varieties.

Did I like this grainy brown kaya? It was all right. I couldn’t taste much coconuttiness in it; I just registered the sweetness. Yeah, I just thought it tasted sweet, like sugar sweet…it wasn’t really amazing and didn’t blow my mind in any way.


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