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Singapore: Bosses Restaurant at VivoCity

Omg, more malling! Yeah, we basically just went to malls during our whole time in Singapore. Sorta lame, eh? We should have gone to Malaysia or done something less materialistic. Oh well.

During our second whole day in Singapore, we headed off to VivoCity and had lunch at the Bosses Restaurant. My parents got a laugh out of the restaurant’s Chinese name, which is rather catchy and creative. It translates into mafia.

When we first sat down they gave us this small plate of fried fish skin as an appetizer. I didn’t try any…I’m sort of skimmish around fried stuff.

According to our waitress, this place is known for their dim sum, so we ordered some. Their mushroom dumplings were very good. It had a filling of various mushrooms and daikon, I believe, and a glutinuous rice wrapping. The wrapper wasn’t too thick and doesn’t distract from the filling, which was slightly crunchy and provided nice texture constrast to the gooey chewy wrapper. The whole thing tasted even better dipped in chili sauce.

Our other dim sum order was their custard egg yolk bun, which was AMAZING. The egg yolk custard inside was runny (unlike the thick, mash-like stuff that you get in some places) and had a wonderful sweet-salty taste. The bun encasing the filling was pretty normal but it accompanied the smooth, velvety filling just fine. My only complaint is that they served this way in the beginning of the meal and, not wanting to eat sweet stuffs before the mains, my bun cooled before I got to it. Not the most optimal way to enjoy steamed buns…

The gailan was good. Crunchy and savoury.

Chili crab is one of Singapore’s specialties but I don’t think this was the right place to try it. Firstly, it was expensive, much more so than what can be gotten from a hawker place I’m assuming. And secondly, we didn’t really like it. The sweet and spicy chili sauce was rather overwhelming…we couldn’t taste the actual crab meat, which somewhat defeats the purpose of eating crab. So yeah, not exactly what we expected.

The Bosses Restaurant seems like a pretty upscale place and if I lived in Singapore I would like the place, but it’d have to be an occasional indulgence since its prices are rather high.

January 6, 2010 - Posted by | Chinese, Restaurants, Singapore, Travels

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