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Singapore: Canele Patissarie at Raffles City

After lunch on the first full day we trekked over to Raffles City for more window browsing! Yay. In the afternoon I came across Canele Patisserie in the mall’s basement and, after seening the cafe’s extensive display of cool desserts, decided to give it a try.

I took a really long time deciding what to get cause there were a lot of choices, but I finally ended up with this chocolate nougat cake block thing whose proper name I cannot remember. It seemed like a very complex dessert, consisting of multiple layers. Ok, let’s dissect the layers!

    Choc Nougat Cake Block Thingy Layers:

  • surrounding layer: chocolate covering
  • Top layer: chocolate cake
  • Second layer: chocolate ganache
  • Third layer: nougat
  • Bottom layer: chocolate cake

Edible gold thing on top

How was it? My goodness, it was awesome! It was dense and chocolatey and intense in every way. Even though it got a bit too rich by the end, I still finished every crumb. Go out of your way to try it if you get the chance; it’s definitely worth the rather hefty $10 price tag.


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