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Singapore: Breakfast at Holiday Inn Atrium’s Melting Pot Cafe

My parents are pretty Chinese in the fact that they’re always ready to accept a good deal, so going for our hotel’s free breakfast buffet was a no brainer for them. They went there every morning during our stay…

Well, I joined them for the first two days but then got bored with the offerings. There were some local specialties, such as laksa and nasi lemak, but the quality was generally lacking.

The cheese platter had a decent selection of cheeses but their quality was only decent. I tried the goat’s cheese log, which is one of my favourite cheese, and that was just all right. Too bad they ran out of crackers to go with the cheese…I was stuck with dry tomato bread which was pretty lame.

I tried their nasi lemak, which was nice. A decent selection of condiments. I liked the rojak the best. It was crunchy, spicy, and refreshing. The coconut rice was very nice and flavourful, not too overcooked at all.

I also tried the vegetable dhal, but that was disappointing. Very one dimensional in flavour…

Pinkgrave juice

There was a nice selection of juices though: mango, pineapple, apple, orange, and something called pinkgrave. I have no idea what that is but it tasted..er…sweet and fruity. Yes, all fruits taste like that, huh. Well it didn’t really have a distinctive taste I guess is what I’m saying.

Other random shots below:

Breads and cereals

Plate of boring Western breakfast foods

Another section of the buffet

Nasi lemak w/ condiments

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