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Singapore: Tampopo at Liang Court

I heard that Singaporeans really know their Japanese food, so we headed to a random Japanese restaurant called Tampopo that seemed quite promising judging from its moderate number of customers.

The restaurant had nice decor and seemed like very much a family place. The staff was pretty friendly and the food came out fast.

Wow, it looks like my writing has deteriorated substantially since school ended. Argh.

Anyways, onto the food: I ordered the sukiyaki rice set, which came with watermelon slices and miso soup (which was pretty mediocre). The sukiyaki rice consisted of rice with stir-fried vegetables, pork, and glass noodles on top. It seemed like the sort of dish that I’d enjoy, with its simplicity and variety, but frankly put, it was really boring. There were no stand-out flavours at all…very bland. The menu pic showed at least 4 different kinds of veggies but the actual thing had only two. Deceptive!

Because my order was so bland, I jettisoned it and usurped my dad’s beef curry with rice. This concoction of cheese layered upon beef curry layered upon rice was served in a stone pot with a raw egg on top. It was an awesome, intense mix. The curry was very rich and not too sweet as Japanese curries are often prone to be. The presence of cheese on top added even more to the complexity of flavours without being overwhelming. The beef was nice and tender and absorbed all the flavours well. My only complaint was that the rice was somewhat mushy, but I guess that was to be expected w/ all the curry sauce.

Look at that cheese!

Oh, but then after our visit I read some reviews of this place and found out that Tampopo specializes in ramen. Doh.

December 31, 2009 - Posted by | Japanese, Restaurants, Singapore, Travels

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