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Singapore: Chinatown Snacking

Because our hotel was located near Chinatown, we headed out to explore. Singapore’s weather is soooooooooo much warmer than Guangzhou’s. It was certainly a welcome change since I was FREEZING in my central-heatingless room in Guangzhou. However, after walking around in the humid 28 degrees heat we started craving something cool. Thus, we got some random stuff from the area.

My dad got this drink that’s called luo han juice in Chinese. It was black and had a very unique taste. It was slightly bitter, mostly sweet, and somewhat herbal. Actually, I think the adjective that describes it best is “Chinese;” yes, it tasted Chinese, if you know what that means.

As for me, I got something from conventional: a block of ice cream! It seems that there are lots of vendors selling these ice cream blocks around Singapore. They usually come sandwiched in a soft slice of bread or between wafers but I got mine in a cup since I find ice cream sandwiches so messy to eat. I got the durian flavour, a fruit that seems something like a local obsession. The hotel’s service directory even has this snippet instructing guests to refrain from bringing durian into the hotel due to the smell. I don’t think durians smell bad, but that’s probably because I grew up around them.

Anyways, the ice cream wasn’t too bad. It costed only a dollar, so one cannot expect too much. The durian flavour was very much present, but the ice cream’s texture wasn’t creamy enough.

Chinatown had tons of food stalls, so I’ll just post a sloodge of photos:

December 30, 2009 - Posted by | Singapore, Travels

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