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Singapore: Kopitiam & Jollibean at Changi Airport

My family and I decided to head to Singapore this Christmas. The last time we were there, it was 1997, so needless to say a revisit was very much in the question. As for me, the biggest draw was the food, since Singapore is known as one of the best food destinations in Asia.

And my golly, the place sure lives up to its reputation. Singapore simply overflows with eateries. EVERYWHERE you go, EVERY direction you turn, food greets you. The food courts here are some of the biggest that I’ve ever come across, anywhere. And the people here sure seem to like eating a lot; the food courts always seem populated at all odd hours of the day. So definitely Singapore is a food lover’s paradise.

Our first meal in Singapore took place at the airport. Because our flight arrived smack in the middle of the lunch hour, we decided to hang around and eat something before heading to our hotel. So we headed to the Kopi Tiam on the 2nd flour of the Changi Airport.

The offerings there were scarce in variety: there was only Popeye’s or this cafe that served Western and local cuisines. Naturally I headed for the latter and ordered a laksa, or noodles, egg, tofu, and fish cake in a coconut-gravy broth. The broth wasn’t too spicy and was somewhat thin. However, the porous tofu pieces concentrated and absorbed the flavours quite well. Overall, it was a decent first meal.

I’m not a very spice-tolerant person, so ingesting all that spicy food during this trip took some effort. To cut back on the spice from the laksa (even though it wasn’t all that spicy), I also bought a chocolate soymilk slushie from the JOLLIPOP one the first floor. The drink was soymilky and refreshing and did the trick, but it certainly wasn’t very chocolatey at all. In fact, I wouldn’t have known that it was chocolate if not for its telltale brown colour.


December 29, 2009 - Posted by | Singapore, Travels

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