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Update + Starbucks

Update + Starbucks


Sorry for not having updated for soooooooooooo long. I had two rather unfortunate events occur: (1) semester exams and (2) a crashed memory stick with all my photos. With regards to this blog, the former misfortune isn’t so bad but the latter is. I had all my food photos in that memory stick and now, they’re all gone! I had even had a Black Sesame Cake recipe post all ready to published but now that cannot happen because it’s got no accompanying photos! Sigh.

However, on a happier note, both of the above occurances have been resolved. Semester exams are over and the holidays have started. Yipppeeee. And yesterday, my dad and I went out and got a brand new awesome cool huge non-digital camera! Once I get my head wrapped around this technological savvyness I’ll hopefully be able to post better quality photos.

All right, now onto a short food flash: Starbucks’ muffins aren’t so bad. Especially when they nuke them beforehand. I am (right this second) eating this Black Forest Muffin which is quite decent. It is very moist inside seemingly with molten chocolate throughout.

However, towards the bottom of the muffin there’s a rather unexpected fruit object that took me by surprise, and not exactly in a good way either cause I couldn’t taste what fruit it was and it’s never a nice sensation to not know what’s going down your esophagus. But of course, since it’s a black forest muffin the random crunchy piece of fruit was probably cherry. Still, it seemed rather out of place w/ just ONE cherry in there…

Overall, I found the muffin a bit too sweet…and it can be more chocolatey. ANd they should just get rid of the cherry and rename the thing to chocolate muffin. Otherwise, it’s not so bad for 14RMB!

December 20, 2009 - Posted by | Cafes, Guangzhou, Restaurants

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