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Singapore: Tampopo at Liang Court

I heard that Singaporeans really know their Japanese food, so we headed to a random Japanese restaurant called Tampopo that seemed quite promising judging from its moderate number of customers.

The restaurant had nice decor and seemed like very much a family place. The staff was pretty friendly and the food came out fast.

Wow, it looks like my writing has deteriorated substantially since school ended. Argh.

Anyways, onto the food: I ordered the sukiyaki rice set, which came with watermelon slices and miso soup (which was pretty mediocre). The sukiyaki rice consisted of rice with stir-fried vegetables, pork, and glass noodles on top. It seemed like the sort of dish that I’d enjoy, with its simplicity and variety, but frankly put, it was really boring. There were no stand-out flavours at all…very bland. The menu pic showed at least 4 different kinds of veggies but the actual thing had only two. Deceptive!

Because my order was so bland, I jettisoned it and usurped my dad’s beef curry with rice. This concoction of cheese layered upon beef curry layered upon rice was served in a stone pot with a raw egg on top. It was an awesome, intense mix. The curry was very rich and not too sweet as Japanese curries are often prone to be. The presence of cheese on top added even more to the complexity of flavours without being overwhelming. The beef was nice and tender and absorbed all the flavours well. My only complaint was that the rice was somewhat mushy, but I guess that was to be expected w/ all the curry sauce.

Look at that cheese!

Oh, but then after our visit I read some reviews of this place and found out that Tampopo specializes in ramen. Doh.

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Singapore: Chinatown Snacking

Because our hotel was located near Chinatown, we headed out to explore. Singapore’s weather is soooooooooo much warmer than Guangzhou’s. It was certainly a welcome change since I was FREEZING in my central-heatingless room in Guangzhou. However, after walking around in the humid 28 degrees heat we started craving something cool. Thus, we got some random stuff from the area.

My dad got this drink that’s called luo han juice in Chinese. It was black and had a very unique taste. It was slightly bitter, mostly sweet, and somewhat herbal. Actually, I think the adjective that describes it best is “Chinese;” yes, it tasted Chinese, if you know what that means.

As for me, I got something from conventional: a block of ice cream! It seems that there are lots of vendors selling these ice cream blocks around Singapore. They usually come sandwiched in a soft slice of bread or between wafers but I got mine in a cup since I find ice cream sandwiches so messy to eat. I got the durian flavour, a fruit that seems something like a local obsession. The hotel’s service directory even has this snippet instructing guests to refrain from bringing durian into the hotel due to the smell. I don’t think durians smell bad, but that’s probably because I grew up around them.

Anyways, the ice cream wasn’t too bad. It costed only a dollar, so one cannot expect too much. The durian flavour was very much present, but the ice cream’s texture wasn’t creamy enough.

Chinatown had tons of food stalls, so I’ll just post a sloodge of photos:

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Singapore: Kopitiam & Jollibean at Changi Airport

My family and I decided to head to Singapore this Christmas. The last time we were there, it was 1997, so needless to say a revisit was very much in the question. As for me, the biggest draw was the food, since Singapore is known as one of the best food destinations in Asia.

And my golly, the place sure lives up to its reputation. Singapore simply overflows with eateries. EVERYWHERE you go, EVERY direction you turn, food greets you. The food courts here are some of the biggest that I’ve ever come across, anywhere. And the people here sure seem to like eating a lot; the food courts always seem populated at all odd hours of the day. So definitely Singapore is a food lover’s paradise.

Our first meal in Singapore took place at the airport. Because our flight arrived smack in the middle of the lunch hour, we decided to hang around and eat something before heading to our hotel. So we headed to the Kopi Tiam on the 2nd flour of the Changi Airport.

The offerings there were scarce in variety: there was only Popeye’s or this cafe that served Western and local cuisines. Naturally I headed for the latter and ordered a laksa, or noodles, egg, tofu, and fish cake in a coconut-gravy broth. The broth wasn’t too spicy and was somewhat thin. However, the porous tofu pieces concentrated and absorbed the flavours quite well. Overall, it was a decent first meal.

I’m not a very spice-tolerant person, so ingesting all that spicy food during this trip took some effort. To cut back on the spice from the laksa (even though it wasn’t all that spicy), I also bought a chocolate soymilk slushie from the JOLLIPOP one the first floor. The drink was soymilky and refreshing and did the trick, but it certainly wasn’t very chocolatey at all. In fact, I wouldn’t have known that it was chocolate if not for its telltale brown colour.

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Update + Starbucks

Update + Starbucks


Sorry for not having updated for soooooooooooo long. I had two rather unfortunate events occur: (1) semester exams and (2) a crashed memory stick with all my photos. With regards to this blog, the former misfortune isn’t so bad but the latter is. I had all my food photos in that memory stick and now, they’re all gone! I had even had a Black Sesame Cake recipe post all ready to published but now that cannot happen because it’s got no accompanying photos! Sigh.

However, on a happier note, both of the above occurances have been resolved. Semester exams are over and the holidays have started. Yipppeeee. And yesterday, my dad and I went out and got a brand new awesome cool huge non-digital camera! Once I get my head wrapped around this technological savvyness I’ll hopefully be able to post better quality photos.

All right, now onto a short food flash: Starbucks’ muffins aren’t so bad. Especially when they nuke them beforehand. I am (right this second) eating this Black Forest Muffin which is quite decent. It is very moist inside seemingly with molten chocolate throughout.

However, towards the bottom of the muffin there’s a rather unexpected fruit object that took me by surprise, and not exactly in a good way either cause I couldn’t taste what fruit it was and it’s never a nice sensation to not know what’s going down your esophagus. But of course, since it’s a black forest muffin the random crunchy piece of fruit was probably cherry. Still, it seemed rather out of place w/ just ONE cherry in there…

Overall, I found the muffin a bit too sweet…and it can be more chocolatey. ANd they should just get rid of the cherry and rename the thing to chocolate muffin. Otherwise, it’s not so bad for 14RMB!

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