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Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake

Last week was one of my friends’ birthday. Since I’m such a lazy student with so much time on my hands, I decided to bake her a cake.

It was a three layered pound cake covered with chocolate ganache with white chocolate shavings on the sides. The cake base recipe I got from smittenkitchen and the ganache I just followed the simple guidelines from allrecipes.com. Assembling the whole thing took me a long time because, my golly, that ganache was quite recalcitrant! It kept refusing to stay on the sides so that I had to put the cake into the freezer for the ganache to set after each application. I sure created quite a mess for my parents!

Hmm…not much I can say about the taste of the cake, though, since I ate so much of it while I was assembling everything together that I got quite sick of cake by the time I presented it to my friend. But everyone seemed to have liked it, especially the chocolate ganache, so yay =D

November 23, 2009 - Posted by | Recipes

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    Oh wait, I probably did. But just forgot. Fail! But honestly, it looks so lovingly made and wonderfully delicious P:

    Your friends are lucky *pokes*

    Comment by Kyfni | November 28, 2009 | Reply

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