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Jean-Paul Hevin Macarons from HK

Jean-Paul Hevin Macarons from HK!

So FINALLY I’m posting the promised JPH macaron post from eons ago. Yeah, school work and stuff have been getting in the way…(stuff aka my laziness)

Anyways. All those weeks ago when I headed down to Hong Kong, I was really really excited to finally be able to try some high class macarons. The first thing that I did as soon as I got to Harbour City was to get box of them.


Now, these macarons were quite pricey; if bought individually they cost something like 20 HKD each. My box of 15 costed something like 280 HKD. Ekk. They had 13 flavours, so I got one of each plus two extras. Below are pics and my thoughts on each flavour:

Vanille w/ Chocolate Ganache:

This first one that I tried was somewhat disappointing. I found it overly sweet and the vanilla flavour was quite lacking. Sob.

“Super Amer” Chocolate:

The “Super Amer” chocolate was very chocolatey but again too sweet for my tastes. Towards the end I came across one bite that had an odd sour taste…probably just an oddity.


The pistachio macaron had a very nice hard outter crust that collapsed beautifully into its soft insides. The pistachio taste wasn’t very strong, but it was still a very tell-tale nuttiness present in the cookie. This one wasn’t as sweet as the previous two, thank goodness.


I didn’t like the raspberry one much at all. Well, maybe it’s just a matter of personal preference but I’m not really into fruit jams in general and that jammie taste was very prominent in this macaron. Jam and chocolate…sort of weird…


Since I don’t know what Bergamot tea is I wasn’t quite sure what to look for in this macaron. Like most of the others, the Bergamot macaron just tasted chocolate-like and sweet. The texture of this particular one was nicely done, though, with that cruncy outter layer and soft moist insides.

Praline Hazelnut:

The praline hazelnut had a very hazelnutty flavour, which was awesome. The texture was notable too, though that seems to be a hit or miss thing for every individual macaron. But unfortunately, I again found this overly sweet due to the prevalence of the chocolate ganache.


Cracked crust! Unfortunately all the jolting and jostling on the train must have taken its toll. But that aside, this was a pretty decent macaron. I was able to tell that this macaron was fig-flavoured cause it had figgy bits in the ganache. But unfortunately, like many of the others it was a bit too sweet…


The honey macaron was matched up to its name by being more honey-like than chocolatey. However, again it was TOO SWEET!


Next there was this mystery flavour that I simply could not pinpoint. It wasn’t too sweet and was slightly fruity…in fact, it had this very distinctive flavour that I couldn’t get my finger on…hmmmm….


This particular macaron suffered from the hit-or-miss cookie situation. Sadly, it had a yellow biscuit that was overly hard, and one cannot enjoy a happy macaron experience when the biscuit is too hard. The ganache inside, however, was very good for being chocolatey but not overly sweet. Too bad for the failed biscuit…


Even though I don’t usually like coffee, I actually really enjoyed the coffee macaron. It had a very distinctive coffee taste that was more creamy than bitter. In fact, it wasn’t at all bitter. Good macaron experience. So much so that I forgot to take a half-way photo =)


The passionfruit macaron was wonderful. It had a very subtle fruitiness in its ganache that became stronger as you chomp through the macaron. It wasn’t too sweet either.


Mango coriander sounds like a weird flavour. The mango taste was definitely there, but I’m not so sure about the coriander. However, this was a decent macaron. It wasn’t too sweet and acted as a nice palate-cleanser after all the chocolat based macarons.

So those were the flavours that I tasted from JPH. Though there were a few flavours that shone, I have to say that overall, it was a somewhat disappointing experience. I didn’t like the super-sweetness of most of the macarons and the chocolate ganache that was used in practically every cookie just got a bit boring by the end. I read from The Girl Who Ate Everything that Jean-Paul Hevin macarons generally have a choc base and an additional flavour subtly infused into the ganache. This makes sense since most of the macarons that I tried fit precisely under that description. However, I do wish that the additional flavour is a bit more pronounced since half the time I can’t taste anything except for the chocolate ganache. Maybe my palate just isn’t refined enough haha.

ANyways, overall, I guess I am a little bit disappointed by the macarons so I probably won’t fork over 280 HKD to get another box anytime too soon in the future.

P.S. The “*” are just little reminders to myself. Those with “*” next to them are the ones that I really enjoyed and will get again if I ever feel so inclined.

November 22, 2009 - Posted by | Bakery, Hong Kong, Travels


  1. I’ve never had macarons before, they look soooo yummy. Note to self, I really need to try these out some time. *A*

    Thank you for all these pictures~

    Comment by Kyfni | November 28, 2009 | Reply

  2. I tend to disagree with every comment you have made.

    Macarons are traditionally sweet, and these JPH creations are quite distinct in flavour.

    May I suggest you stick to the savouries?

    Comment by Sperm | April 3, 2011 | Reply

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