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La Seine

La Seine
Address: G/F, Xinghai Concert Hall, 33 Qingbo Rd, Ersha Island
Tel: 8735 2222 ext 888, 8735 2531


Last night we took a visit to La Seine, the French restaurant behind XingHai Concert Hall on Er Sha Island.

I have pretty fond memories of this place…it’s sort of like the place where I grew up. Ah, just being on Er Sha brings back so many memories…=)

Anyways, back to the restaurant. La Seine is really one of those high-class Western cuisine places in Guangzhou. The ambience is sort of darkish, as one would find in many higher-class Western restaurants, and their food is definitely pretty decent and authentic. I even heard that some time back they had a French pastry chef working there, though last night I only saw Chinese cooks in the open kitchen.

After we placed our orders they brought us the bread basket. There was a nice variety inside, including baguette (THANK GOODNESS the crust wasn’t soft!), walnut bread (crispy crust and a decent amount of walnuts; my favourite of the night), a wheat roll (super dry, not good), and sesame flatbreads.

The bread was served warm with butter. However, we took it a step further by ordering the cheese platter and slattering the cheeses on the rolls! La Seine has a very decent selection of cheeses. Unfortunately I was too lazy to ask for the names of each of them but from what I can glean there was brie (AWESOMELY creamy), blue cheese (all right, though I’ve never been a great fan of the strong taste), some log-shaped cheese that was nice and gooey and had a peppery kick to it, and then four other types of cheese that I have no clue about. This platter costed 126RMB, and I think it was worth every jiao!

Oh yeah, and they have this neat looking cheese cart in the middle of the room.

Next, my Lyonnaise Onion Soup came along. Now, I know that French onion soup is supposed to be served with a slice of baguette and melted cheese on top, but is the bread supposed to be completely soaked and soggy??? I’d always thought that the bread should be so stale so as to be able to hold its shape even in the liquid…Anyways, I guess I have an adversion to eating soggy bread so this item didn’t really add up for me. The flavour of the soup was pretty good (you can tell that it’s been boiled for a long time) but the soggy bread was just sort of weird…

For my main I had actually ordered a Tuna Tartare but apparently they made a mistake and instead gave me a Tuna Steak. Gr…I guess not many people order Tuna Tartare around here. Oh wells, I guess I have to come back another time to try the tartare.

Oh, but on a side note, when we brought the mistake to the attention of a waitress, we asked her to bring us a menu and show us which dish was served to us. So she walked off but then instead went off to attend another table and totally forgot about us! Tsk tsk.

The Tuna Steak was nonetheless pretty good. Apart from being severely over-cooked (50%??! Goodness!), it was nicely seasoned and the cream sauce added a subtle richness to it. The tuna came with a small side of rice and beans but I didn’t really touch those as I was too focused on cheese and bread =P

So overall, it was a wonderful meal at La Seine. The portions may be somewhat small but they’re tasty and totally worth the cost.

OH! ANd on another side note, I’m now pre-editing all my photos before I post them up so their quality should be better now!

October 29, 2009 - Posted by | French, Guangzhou, Restaurants

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