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Cafe de Coral
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Sorry for not having posted for sooo long…it is so difficult finding a suitable proxy these days that I usually guiltily just give up…sigh, guess this is just China.

Anyways, a super long while ago when I was in Hong Kong and was feeling miserly after a day of impulse shopping, I decided to get some cheap dinner.
So the natural choice had to be Cafe de Coral!

Cafe de Coral is a very popular HK-style fast food restaurant. They have branches everywhere these days…I guess their main appeal is that they serve cheap, good food, the former of which is a rarity in HK.

The ordering system was a bit confusing…they have different lines for different categories. I didn’t want to appear like a tourist so I ordered one of the few items that I was able to read off the menu: curried beef brisket!

It was quite good, actually. The curry flavour was there, the beef was very tender, and the portion was quite large.

In addition to the curry I also had a HK-style bubble tea. What is a HK-style meal without bubble tea?

So overall, it was a nice cheap meal. If you want to have a taste of what HK locals eat, Cafe de Coral would probably be a good bet.

October 24, 2009 - Posted by | Chinese, Hong Kong, Restaurants, Travels

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