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Bakery Post #1: Red Bean Pastry

Bakery Post #1: Red Bean Pastry

So because I like breads and pastries so much and I’m always looking for an excuse to visit bakeries, I have decided to start a bakery series! At least once a week I will blog about an intriguing bakery item that I find around town. I’ll try my best to post unusual items that aren’t usually found in typical Chinese bakeries in North America but actually, once you come to China that really isn’t difficult at all. Over the years I have seen many of the typical Chinese bakery items disappear from local bakeries and replaced by stranger and stranger offerings…

Anyways, so the item of this week is a red bean pastry

that I found at breadTalk.

breadTalk is a fairly new franchise here in Guangzhou and isn’t as ubiquitous as, let’s say, Maxims. Thus their breads are quite unique. Take the red bean pastry, for instance. I haven’t seen this anywhere else. Hmmm, how to describe it…

Firstly, it is very sticky. The wrinkly pastry appears to be glazed with some sort of syrupy glaze…thus it isn’t the sort of thing that you can eat neatly. Past the outer layer of sweet puff pastry is a mixture of custard and red beans. The filling wasn’t too sweet and blended into the outer layer quite well. Biting into the bun, one can taste the lightly caramelized outer pastry, which is slightly chewey, and then the lightly sweetened inner filling, which is smooth and soft. A really nice treat overall.

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  1. Hello~! Guess who (:

    Ev pointed me in the direction of your blog; and I’m using my online alias aha. Anyways, it’s Chloe (Kiwi–>Kyfni) — I’ll stalk + comment on your blog from now on (I’ll read through the other entries and may/may not comment depending on time). ^^

    Fwaah~ I love bakeries! Very excited that I’m in time for your bakery series; gives me a list of things to try when I visit Guangzhou next.

    You are quite descriptive when it comes to food; and you make me hungry (even though I just had breakfast!). This pastry looks very appetizing too *A*

    I miss you~

    Comment by Kyfni | October 19, 2009 | Reply

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