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Hot Pot at Grandview

Hot Pot at Grandview Mall
Address: 8th floor, Grandview Mall (above the arcade)


A few days ago we had lunch at a hot pot restaurant in Grandview Mall (sorry, forgot the name again…). When we got there at noon the place was pretty empty, but it did fill up somewhat during our meal. The restaurant is pretty dark and has a rather…cryptic design. Definitely not your typical hot pot restaurant.

First they served us complimentary drinks: water (lol) and a small glass of plum juice. The juice was pretty fresh and pulpy. It tasted sweet and sour and was somewhat catchy; a you sip some and then you want more sort of idea.

Unlike traditional hotpot, here diners are provided their own individual pots. For my soup base I had mushroom broth.

For my sauce, I had the sesame sauce. It came at first with a LOT of oil that I scatted off before taking the photo…

We ordered a moderate amount of food but godly, their portions were quite small for the prices that they were charging! True, the ingredients do seem more fresh and the choices are more upscale than typical hot pot places but honestly, it was quite pricey…

Clockwise from top-left: fish (really boney), fried bean curd, lamb, mushroom combo, beef, and wood ear.

Clockwise from top-left: venison, fish, bean curd, wood ear, beef, mountain yam, meat ball combination (handmade and pretty good), and beef marrow (somewhat slimy).

Vegetable combination (18 RMB!)

In the end, it was a decent meal. They had some pretty unusual offerings such as venison and beef marrow, which were interesting experiences. The leftover broth at the end was excellent. However, I think that really, for the same general hot pot experience I would go somewhere cheaper next time…

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