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Little Mermaid Bakery

Little Mermaid Bakery
Address: cookedDeli at citysuper, Harbour City
Website: http://www.logon.com.hk/module4_detail.php?detail=48


At Harbour City in Hong Kong, I came across the Little Mermaid Bakery and decided to try out some of their breads.

Little Mermaid Bakery is sort of like a fusion bakery; it carries both Asian and Western style breads. I didn’t get to try their artisan breads but they looked and felt pretty decent; they had the sort of crustiness that you don’t find in so-called “Western” breads here in Guangzhou.

Anyways, I wasn’t feeling too hungry so I only got two items: the sticky choclate doughnut and the Camembert bread.

That picture of the sticky chocolate doughnut looks a bit creepy, doesn’t it…well, it didn’t taste all that good either. It wasn’t really a doughnut; it was more like a moochi with chocolate sauce inside. The chocolate flavour wasn’t very strong at all…all I could taste was sweetness. Don’t recommend this.

But the Camembert bread, on the other hand, was actually quite decent. All right, the bread was very Asian: it was soft and slightly sweet with walnuts pieces here and there. However, they actually had quite an amount of Camembert in the center, which was quite good. It made me feel like I was getting the value for my money since Camembert isn’t the cheapest thing in these parts. Unfortunately I had to enjoy this bun cold; I think it would have been a lot more enjoyable straight out of the oven.

October 1, 2009 - Posted by | Bakery, Hong Kong, Travels

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