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37.2 Degrees Bistro

37.2 Degrees Bistro
Address: G/F, No. 29, Tian Shou Lu, Tian He, Guangzhou
Telephone: 020-38324725


Quite a while ago a few friends and I went to 37.2 Degrees Bistro to get cake.

The restaurant, even though it has two floors, is quite small. When we got there at around six the place was already starting to crowd up so I guess it is quite popular. I hear that the food there is quite good, but during our stay we only sampled the cakes.

They display their selection of cakes at a counter on the first floor. I selected the Napoleon cake, which consisted of flaky pastry, cream, nuts and fruits nestled in multiple layers. The taste of the cake was all right, but I must say that it was such a pain to eat! They only provided us with this tiny tea forks with which it was impossible to spear through a slice of the Napoleon cake. I ended up making quite a mess and had to eventually dissect the cake layer by layer, which sort of defeated its purpose.

My companions ordered the New York cheesecake and the mixed nuts cheesecake. Both were very good and both tasted quite similar. They were nice, dense, creamy cheesecakes, very much unlike the one that I had at Angel Simple. So if you’re ever in the mood for authentic cheesecake, this place may hit the spot.

Mixed Nuts Cheesecake

New York Cheesecake

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