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Breakfast at Pacific Coffee Company

Pacific Coffee Company
Address: Everywhere in Hong Kong
Website: http://www.pacificcoffee.com/eng/home.php


This weekend I headed down to Hong Kong again and stayed overnight. The next morning I headed down to Pacific Coffee Company for breakfast.

Pacific Coffee Company is a chain store that is just as ubiquitous in HK as Starbucks. They offer pretty much the same sort of fare: Western beverages and pastries and such. You can find them everywhere these days. As such I wasn’t expecting much quality when I walked in that morning.

For breakfast I got myself a yogurt, a hot chocolate, and a spinach and cheese quiche. The hot chocolate was TERRIBLE. It was watery and had absolutely no chocolate flavour. Don’t order it!

The spinach quiche, on the other hand, was surprisingly good. Despite the fact that it clearly wasn’t fresh, once reheated it still retained much of its flavour. There was lots of spinach, just the way I like it, and the eggy filling was savoury and flavourful. I couldn’t taste much cheese but I didn’t really mind.

But like Starbucks this place is expensive; all that costed me 60 something HKD.

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