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Honeymoon Dessert

Honeymoon Desserts
Address: Shop 103, G/F, Up Tower; #182 Bei Jing Lu; YueXiu District; GuangZhou; PRC
Website: http://www.honeymoon-dessert.com/en_us/


I realize that Honeymoon Desserts is the name of the dessert place that I encountered in Hong Kong at Times Square. Recently I also learned that they have branches in Guangzhou! So one day, while at Beijing Lu, we decided to go and give the place a try.

The restaurant here was very HK style aka cramped and expensive. They have items that cost upwards of 60RMB! Well, we stuck with their less pricey selections.

This is the purple glutinuous rice with almond milk. Here their glutinuous rice was a little different; they omitted the taro chunks and added corn. It still tasted all right, though I did want the big chunks of taro. The almond milk tasted weird…artificial, almost. Or maybe it was just because I am not used to the taste of almond extract. I also wished that they had added crushed ice into the almond milk as that would have made it more refreshing.

We also had the red bean soup with jelly. I think there was a choice between hot and cold and we chose the cold variety. I didn’t really like this dessert. THe jelly was tasteless, absolutely tasteless, and the red bean soup…I don’t know why, but I’ve never enjoyed red bean soup that isn’t home made. It’s got this strange aftertaste that isn’t present when you make the dessert at home…Maybe they’re adding something that we aren’t…I guess I’m just not used to the taste.

Even though we didn’t greatly enjoy the items that we ordered, I don’t think that that is a fair reflection of their desserts. I think we’ll have to return and try their other items in order to make a better judgment.

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