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Dim Sum at Guangzhou Restaurant

Guangzhou Restaurant
Address: No.112, Tiyu Road (East), Tianhe District, Guangzhou


A few weeks ago we got up fairly late on a Saturday morning and decided to head to Guangzhou Restaurant in Tian He for dim sum.

Guangzhou Restaurant is one of the most famous and popular restaurants in the city. In fact, they’ve been so successful that they now have branches in other countries. As a result the place was invariably busy when we got there, even though their immense establishment stretched two whole floors of the building. However, we only had to wait for about 10 minutes before getting a table.

Dim sum at Guangzhou Restaurant is served menu-style; there are no carts wheeling the food around. That is understandable, I suppose, especially with an establishment this big. Their menu here is pretty large…to order, each table is provided with a pencil and diners have to check off the items that they want.

We ordered a total of ten items that day. It was quite a lot. Firstly came the BBQ pork buns. The buns here are very good, light and fluffy, and the filling inside has the right combination of sweet and salty. However, I have heard from somewhere that that nice glean that they have on the buns is a result of MSG brushed on top. Don’t know, but it tasted pretty good.

For such a huge and busy restaurant, service was very fast. Food started coming about 5 minutes after we placed our order. After the BBQ buns came the various beef innards with turnip. I never try this stuff anymore, though I used to as a kid. Tripe is just chewy…all the flavour really comes from the soy sauce that the ingredients are boiled it.

We also ordered steamed spareribs over taro, another dish that I don’t eat anymore. I did eat some of the taro, which was overcooked.

Whenever we go yum cha we always have to have a dish of boiled vegetables. I love boiled vegetables, but these were a tad too oily.

The panfried pork chive dumplings were decent. They weren’t amazing but certainly passable. The filling inside included pork, chives, and waterchesnuts, which provided a nice texture contrast.

I was a little fearful when ordering the xiao long bao because I’ve never had a decent xiao long bao with soup in Guangzhou! They always come around soupless and more like regular dumplings. However, these ones at Guangzhou Restaurant were different: they actually had soup inside! I was quite happy. Even though the filling wasn’t all that flavourful and the dough was a little thick, especially at the seams, the soup made up for it.

Since my favourite foods are bread and vegetables, I ordered the panfried spinach bun with pork. These were quite good; the bun was nice and fluffy with a nice sear at the top and bottom providing texture contrast, and the filling inside was quite flavourful.

The last item to come was the steamed vegetarian dumplings. These were glutinuous flour dumplings filled with peanuts, water chestnuts, and some other non-meat ingredients and then steamed on tofu skins. They were all right. The filling had flavour and contrast but the dough was way too thick and chewy…

And that concludes our dim sum meal! The price came up to 200 something RMB, which is decent for the quantity and quality. However, one overall aspect that I did not enjoy was the oiliness of all the foods; I walked out with a highly unpleasant sensation on my tongue as a result of all that oil. I guess they need to cut back on the fat.

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