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Hong Kong Adventure

Location: All around Hong Kong


Last week I went down to Hong Kong to visit a friend and partake in a one-day food adventure. It was absolutely amazing.

First up, I met my friend at Harbord City at around noon and I was quite hungry. So we headed to this Chinese restaurant on the second floor of the shopping mall called Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao. It was a fancy Chinese restaurant with fairly high prices, but that is to be expected at such a high-class place like Harbour City. Nonetheless the great food that they served totally made up for it.

First, we had the Japanese Style Cucumber Salad. It consisted of garlicky cucumbers and a few pieces of some soft white vegetable that I wasn’t able to identify. The salad was very refreshing and a great start to the meal.

Next came the best part of the meal, the xiao long bao. These dumplings were amazing. They were soupy with and their wrapping was quite thin. The flavour of the soup inside was really good as well. A definite must-have if you ever come here.

Because we were planning to eat a bit everywhere (or at least I was), we didn’t order too much. The last item served were the pan-fried pork buns. These were freshly made and pan-fried, resulting in a nice crispy bottom with a soft upper part. The filling was similar to the xiao long bao filling without as much soup. My only complaint was that the buns were a bit small, but otherwise they were excellent.

After this Chinese lunch we went off on the metro to Causeway Bay. There, underneath Times Square near City Super is a small food court serving various different cuisines. One of the booths sold Asian desserts and drinks. It was very easy to order because they had plastic versions of all their items on display, much like those you see at Japanese restaurants. Anyways, so from the dessert booth I got the Purple Sticky Rice and Durian with Coconut Milk. It basically consisted of a scoop of purple sticky rice with taro chunks and some durian in a pool of shaved ice drizzled with coconut milk. Sounds simple, but it was absolutely amazing…the textures and the tastes all complemented each other very well…I think that I’m drooling just thinking about it…So if you’re ever in the area, definitely check the place out!

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