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Location: 1-48 Haiyue Lu, The Canton Place, Zhujiang Xincheng, Guangzhou

Website: http://www.vaastucuisine.com/


Last Friday evening my family and I went to a fairly new Indian restaurant at Zhu Jiang Xin Cheng called Vaastu. I had found a review on it on the internet, on the NY Times, no less, so I decided to give it a try. The location was a little obscure, and the confusing road signs in the area didn’t help at all, but eventually we found the place.

At first glance the restaurant was quite empty and it remained fairly so during the duration of our stay. It was strange how they had a service-charge section at the front and a non-service charge section at the back. Clearly most customers would opt to pay less and thus their store front would remain empty-looking. Also, it is obvious that the restaurant is specifically geared toward a Western clientele because there was English everywhere.

The menu was nicely laid out and easy to read. We didn’t really know what to order so we went primarily with our waitress’s suggestions.

First they served a complimentary course of fried biscuits with chutneys. I only tried the marinated garlic, which tasted all right. Sour and refreshing.

Service wasn’t particularly fast but nor was it slow either. It was about a 20 minute wait before our orders came. First were the vegetarian patties. They were some form of mixture of chickpeas, spinach, cashew, etc. that was shaped into patties and deep-fried. I didn’t really like them that much; the flavour was all right but I thought that they were a bit salty. I don’t really like deep-fried foods anyways so perhaps I’m being partial…

Next came the lamb sausages on a hot plate over a bed of raw lettuce and onions. The servings here are small; there were about five 8cm long sausages for 60-70 something RMB. I didn’t try them, but may dad said that they were good and nicely spiced. However, he did complain of the small portion size and the hole through the middle of each of the sausages. Perhaps it was a way for the restaurant to capitalize…

Then came the broccoli in a curry sauce. Actually, there really was no sauce because the heat from the hot plate that it was served on cause the sauce to congeal into a pasty-layer on the broccoli. I didn’t like this dish much. The flavour of the sauce was too strong and dry and the broccoli was overcooked. Broccoli needs to be crunch!

After that came the rest of our orders: curried shrimp, chicken tikka masala, and two types of naan. The shrimp was all right; it was cooked to the right level of doneness but I didn’t like the curry. I guess it is a matter of personal preference but I found the sauce to be too obtrusive in flavour. I prefer soft, mild flavours over loud ones.

The chicken tikka masala, on the other hand, was AMAZING. The chicken pieces were boneless and tender and the sauce was creamy, smooth, and full of flavour. It was tomatoey but not overly acidic and had several spices that nicely accompanied it. This dish tasted absolutely amazing with the naan. A definite must-have if you ever drop by Vaastu.

The naan was also very good. We had the plain and buttered varieties, both of which were nice and chewy.

I would say that the food was pretty good overall and it is a good taste of authentic (perhaps?) Indian cuisine in Guangzhou. However, the prices here are high (we had to pay 360 RMB for three people) and the portions aren’t very large at all, so it would have to be an occasional indugence.

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Hello world!

After having been surfing around various food blogs from all over the world for the past year, I’ve decided it is high time that I start my own. This year, I’ll be blogging primarily from the city of Guangzhou in China. Really, I’ve tried so many times but have yet to find a decent Guangzhou food blog on the web. Maybe I’m not looking hard enough…if you know of any Guangzhou food blogs, please leave a comment!

More to come very soon!

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